• La nymphe endormie

    Ilaria Tuti

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    • 1 Avril 2021
  • Sur le toit de l'enfer

    Ilaria Tuti

    Dans les montagnes sauvages du Frioul, en Italie, le commissaire Teresa Battaglia, la soixantaine, la langue acérée et le coeur tendre, est appelée sur les lieux d'un crime pour le moins singulier : un homme a été retrouvé mort, les yeux arrachés. À côté de lui, un épouvantail fabriqué avec du cuivre, de la corde, des branchages... et ses vêtements ensanglantés.
    Pour Teresa, spécialiste du profilage, cela ne fait aucun doute : le tueur frappera à nouveau. Elle va devoir rassembler toute son énergie et s'en remettre à son expérience pour traquer cette bête humaine qui rôde dans les bois. Si tant est que sa mémoire ne commence pas à lui faire défaut...

  • THE SENSATIONAL TOP 10 INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER THE FIRST NOVEL IN THE TERESA BATTAGLIA THRILLER TRILOGY An idyllic village in the alps. A legacy of sin. An evil lurking in the woods. In a quiet village surrounded by the imposing Italian Alps, a series of violent assaults take place. Police inspector and profiler Teresa Battaglia is called in when the first body is found, a naked man whose face has been disfigured and eyes gouged out. Soon more victims are discovered - all horrifically mutilated - and when a new-born baby is kidnapped, Teresa's investigation becomes a race against the clock. But Teresa is also fighting a battle against her own body, weighed down by age and diabetes, and her mind, once invincible and now slowly gnawing away at her memory... THE BIGGEST ITALIAN DEBUT OF 2018 WITH OVER 50,000 COPIES SOLD 'With Teresa Battaglia, Ilaria Tuti hasn't just created a mere character, but an authentic, three-dimensional person who overbearingly pushes the boundaries of the printed page thanks to her immense energy. Teresa Battaglia is the best gift any author can offer his or her readers: someone they will come to care for' Donato Carrisi, author of The Girl in the Fog ' The most awaited (female) noir debut of 2018 in Italy' Repubblica ' The writing is tight and fast, and makes the most of the environment it depicts; the mountains, primitive nature and the woods' Wired Italia 'The writer, like the killer and detective, is perfectly at ease in the Alps environment, and knows how to render its profile, its iciness, its woods and swarming wild animals in a way that leaves the reader with a feeling of warmth' Corriere della Sera

  • A la lumiere de la nuit Nouv.