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  • En cette fin d'année 1985, Bill Furlong, marchand de bois et de charbon en Irlande, a fort à faire. Alors qu'il va livrer le couvent voisin, il aperçoit, grelottant au fond de la réserve à charbon, une très jeune femme qui y a probablement passé la nuit.
    Tandis que, dans son foyer et partout en ville, on prépare les festivités de Noël, cet homme tranquille et généreux choisit de n'écouter que son coeur.


    Claire Keegan

    • Faber
    • 15 Janvier 2019

    The evening is fine. In the sky a few early stars are shining of their own accord. She watches the dog licking the bowl clean. This dog will break her daughter's heart, she's sure of it. Claire Keegan's mesmeric story takes us into the heart of the Wicklow countryside, and of the farming family of Victor Deegan, with his 'three teenagers, the milking and the mortgage'. When Deegan finds a gun dog and gives it as a present to his only daughter, his wife is filled with foreboding at this seeming act of kindness. As the seasons pass, long-buried family secrets threaten to emerge.